Movable Do Disc Extension (advanced study kit)


The Complete Study Kit extends the possibilities of your studies from the basic to the most advanced and abstract level.



This is an extension for the basic Movable Do Disc. The kit contains:

  • Extension for the Movable Do Disc: a larger MDD, APA, and the Interval and Chord Attachment (18.5 cm)
  • A set of 8 practice pawns
  • Movable Do Circle of Fifths (pdf download)
  • Key Relationships Sheet (pdf download)
  • Conceptual Scale Sheet (pdf download)
  • Creative Concept Circle (pdf download)

The extension expands the possibilities of your studies from the basic to the most advanced and abstract level, and is recommended for use when all the tones of the diatonic scale can be sung with confidence. Read more here.

Practice Pawns

The practice pawns are very handy for laying out intervals, chords, or conceptual scales. Working with the pawns is also good preparation for singing on the Movable Do Mat, and vice versa, an interesting way to reproduce individually what was sung on the Movable Do Mat.

Key Relationships Sheet & Movable Do Circle of Fifths (pdf download)

This sheet combined with the Circle of Fifths shows all possible moves through the circle of fifths, and makes practicing key changes easy and insightful!

Conceptual Scales and Chords Sheets (pdf download)

These sheets shows overviews of different scales and chords to lay out on your Movable Do Disc, and features pentatonic, blues, minor, altered, and different distance model scales, as well as triads, and seventh chords.

Creative Concept Circle (pdf download)

Create your own music! Experiment, compose and arrange by laying out your own concepts with the Movable Do Disc. It comes in three sizes, so you can make any combination you can think of.

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Additional information

Weight 0.084 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 cm

400gsm matt coated paper


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