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The XXL version of the Movable Do Disc. Solfège has never been so much fun!

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The Movable Do Mat is the XXL custom printed vinyl version of the Movable Do Disc. Solfège has never been so much fun! Sing and walk melodies, understand voiceleading, sing harmonies with others, all in a very physical and engaging way! Excellent for group activities in harmony and counterpoint.

It comes in two sizes, 150×150 cm and 100×100 cm.

For use with groups, 150×150 cm is recommended. Both can be combined to practise key changes and other advanced musical concepts!

Upon request, a Movable Do Mat as large as 300×300 cm can be ordered.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in ordering the Movable Do Mat (please mention the size you are interested in), and we will let you know the shipping options. Shipping within The Netherlands is included in the price!


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100×100 cm, 150×150 cm

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4/0 single-sided print (full colour, CMYK), material strength: approx.: 2,5 mm; B1-certified (hardly inflammable) EN 13501-1;
DIN 51130 standard slip-resistance: R10; ENV 717-1 formaldehyde group: E1; ISO 717 step sound improvement: 16 db,
EN 14041 CE: 2714127/BOD-14-4-17-01
100 % recyclable, for indoors and outdoors, suitable for underfloor heating


100×100 cm: ca. 1.4 Kg, 150×150 cm: ca. 3.3 Kg


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