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Transfer your knowledge of tones from the Movable Do Disc to the musical staff with the Movable Do Staff!

On the Movable Do Staff, the lines have been given the colour of the diatonic function they represent, as on the Movable Do Disc. All keys are represented, in G-, C-, and F-clefs. The Movable Do Staff highlights the information that is already in staff, clef and key signature: the lines of the staff represent thirds, the clef places them in the system of absolute pitch, while the key signature defines the tonal functions of the lines.

This poster is printed with an overview of all the keys in G-, C-, and F-clefs on one side, and a seemingly endless staff on the other, which can be used as a staff “modulator” spanning four octaves!

More about practicing with the Movable Do Staff

If you want to place a large order for your school, please get in touch!

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

A2 long (29.7 x 84 cm)


250gsm gloss art paper


The weight is not 3 kilos, but because the poster has to be shipped as a parcel, this is the "weight".


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